Life may be full of uncertainties but you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones’ future with adequate protection. 
Discover how our life insurance and family takaful plans are tailored to your different needs – from term life insurance, investment-linked insurance to whole life insurance. 

Kasih Family

Introducing A-Life Kasih Famili, a Family Takaful plan that meets the protection needs of your family. This plan offers you the best protection for your loved ones. Learn more about what this plan offers.


Introducing A-Life Ikhtiar, a Family Takaful plan that provides your family with a financial safety. This plan focuses on giving you the protection of your family if anything happens to you. This refers to Hibah. You are freely to choose different kind of protection too. Learn more about this plan.

Legasi Builder

A-Life Legasi Builder is a Family Takaful plan that helps you build a lasting legacy for a better tomorrow, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of to pursue their hopes and dreams.